What Do Learning to Play Guitar and Network Marketing Have in Common?

What Do Learning to Play Guitar and Network Marketing Have in Common?


On Sunday afternoons I teach a group guitar class at my church. A thought crossed my mind yesterday, “What do learning to play guitar and network marketing have in common?”

Here’s what I came up with…

1. You don’t learn to play the guitar overnight.

A lot of people see the simple concept of network marketing, and they think that it will happen overnight. When it doesn’t, they cry “SCAM” and give up.

Network marketing empires don’t happen overnight! It takes hard work to reach success. But, just like playing the guitar, the work can be fun, and the results can be very rewarding.

2. Learning to play the guitar requires consistency… practice, practice, practice.

A lot of new guitar students never get past the “sore fingers stage”.

Look at a guitar player’s finger tips… they are calloused. It takes lots of consistent practice time to move through the “sore finger stage” and form those calluses. Most novice guitarists simply quit because it hurts too much… they are not willing to endure the pain as the calluses are formed.

Novice networkers are apt to quit too soon also. They give up before their consistent efforts produce the results they are seeking. They place a few ads and when they don’t see results, they abandon ship.

It takes consistent effort over time to realize results. Success doesn’t happen overnight. As your ads and promotions are seen over a period of time, you develop what is known as “online branding”. People begin to recognize your name, curiosity is built up, and they begin to believe that you really have something they are interested in.

3. Guitar students need to follow their mentor’s instructions.

When I teach guitar classes I share what I learned from my teacher. Yes, you could learn from books or videos. But believe me, it’s a lot easier to sit next to an accomplished player and let them show you personally how it’s done. You can ask questions, and get an immediate response.

Networkers can also benefit from a business coach. You learn a lot more from a mentor who has been there and done that. It’s great to know that the answer to an important question is just a phone call away.


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