Taking A Look At Four Primary Goals…

In the business plan of my primary business we teach a simple business plan…

We start by determining our future business partner’s four primary goals. We call this the “Four Goals”… you probably guessed that.

Here they are…
Goal 1 – Saving Money

The first goal we want to help our partners achieve is saving money.  It is often said that we should have at least six month’s income in savings to cover us in emergency situations. I know that most people would love to do this, but there just isn’t enough paycheck left at the end of the month to make it happen… in fact, for most people, there’s more month left when the paycheck runs out. How can you save when it take’s all you have to pay the bills?
Goal 2 – Making More Money

Our second goal is to help you make more money. Let me ask you this question…Does your current employer pay enough to meet your family’s needs? Your wants? Truth is, they probably pay you just enough so you won’t quit… Right?
Goal 3 – Getting Out Of Debt

The third goal we would like to help you achieve is for you to get out of debt. This relates back to goal #1 as most people just don’t have enough paycheck to make the extra payments necessary to get out of debt… more month than money.
Goal 4 – Time Freedom

The fourth goal that we would focus on is “time freedom”. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to miss any of your kid’s activities because you have to work? How about vacations? Travel? Cruises? All of these things rely on the time to be free to do. Also, if you’re retired like me, I have the time, but I don’t have the money.
We teach these four benefits and goals of joining our business to our team members… they are one of the two basic fundamentals of our business plan… and, they are focused around you and your family.

In my next business announcement I will discuss “The Four Steps to Success”.

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